Friday, February 26, 2016

Aladdin Jr.: Another Great Production

As of late Maceo's life has been full of theatre goodness in the form of playing Jafar in Aladdin Jr.
I missed opening week performances due to the trip to Washington D.C. but have enjoyed catching up.  It is a bright, beautiful show.  Fun and funny.
Maceo is amazing.  He is so good at being bad.  His laugh and vocal stylings are wicked and maniacal just as Jafar's would be.
Now, please, meet some of the cast and check out the stunning costumes!
Street Rat!
Olivia - Maceo's girlfriend.
Jafar with the harem girls.
Jafar with the townspeople and Aladdin.

Olivia and her pals have been sent to the dungeon.

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