Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Four

February 22-March 5

Home from Washington D.C. and right back into the mix of things at home.
We spent the first day unloading the van and making sure that it was ready to return before heading out for scouts.  Some time during that day Bishop and I had a conversation about synthetic drugs.  Serendipitously, there was a guest speaker at scouts who was speaking on drugs, the definition of drugs, responsibility and decision-making.
The following day Maceo performed Aladdin Jr. for schools.  He was at the theatre from 8:15-12:30.  I was at the theatre for the same amount of time as I was an usher.  Although the show had been running for a week I had yet to see it.  I must admit that I stood behind a group of kindergartners giggling over Maceo's maniacal Jafar laugh.  The kindergartners seemed puzzled by my response to the mean guy.  We had friends come to view the show and afterwards we all went to lunch together.  Fun!

The next day found Maceo at the theatre again for school shows while Bishop and I returned the rental van then headed to science and history groups.  The parents met during science group to do some planning while the kiddos did some long boarding.  History group involved watching presentations on the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Battle of Yorktown.  Afterwards he hung out with friends, went to youth group, and spent the night with those friends.
We were able to get some rest the following day but that evening found Maceo back at the theatre to perform Aladdin Jr. and after having dinner with friends Bishop, friends and I went to view the show.
Bishop resumed pottery the following day then prepared for a scout campout. 

 After getting Bishop to his camp out I turned my focus almost completely to the theatre.  Over the weekend Maceo had five performances, performed at a promotional event, went to a cast party (before going to his camp out Bishop helped me make baklava to take to the party), and closed the show and did strike.

The following week brought a bit of rest while we tried to return to a more typical rhythm.
Maceo has had acting class (6 hours), improv (1 hour) and performance troupe (2 hours).
Bishop continued his pottery lesson (2 hours) and went to open studio (2 1/2 hours); he is going to try to open studio weekly so that he can explore some ideas that he has.

Bishop went to a patrol leaders conference to do some planning for his scout troop.
Bishop read a science chapter related to the nervous system and studied Revolutionary War figures.  He prepared a presentation of Dr. Joseph Warren which he presented to his peers.  He listened to presentations as well and began assembling a timeline book.
During science group Bishop reviewed the nervous system (CNS, PNS, SNS, ANS).  He took a closer look at nerves and neurons.  He labeled a diagram of a neuron and created his own (edible) model of a neuron.

Maceo, Bishop and I went to a local high school's poetry reading and dramatic performance of a clever adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.
Maceo celebrated a friend's birthday at Incredible Pizza then went to that friend's house for a sleepover.  He went swimming while there then rushed home to meet another friend.  Together they attended another high school performance.
They both participated in a lot of political talk and quite a bit of walking.
Bishop did more long boarding, hours upon hours of drawing, and has picked up his cajon again.
Maceo watched the Oscars and Bishop got caught up on the new season Face-Off.  I do consider these shows as part of the boys education.  Maceo intends on having a career in the entertainment industry; therefore, every movie, theatrical production, musical score, etc. viewed or listened to help him develop as a performer.  The Oscars provide information to Maceo, they pique his interest in films (feature length, documentary, shorts, animated or otherwise) and film-related jobs.  Bishop is highly interested in the field of makeup artistry, very interested in the skill and creativity that it takes to perform this job.  He watches this show to learn more about techniques and materials and he uses it to fuel his imagination; think of it in the same way that one might use creative writing prompts.
Living and learning - it's a good life!

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