Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Eight

April 24-May 7

So, what have we been up to for the last couple of weeks?

Well, we had science group where we explored the lymphatic system.  We reviewed all of its components and watched videos on the immune system, viruses and bacteria, and elephantiasis.  We began working on the public health merit badge by defining immunization and vector and we talked about Zika and other viruses.
We also had history group where we continued exploring the U.S. Constitution.  This time we examined Article 2 regarding the executive branch.  We watched the relevant episode of Constitutional Literacy and conversed a lot about current events.
We had lunch at Jin's Korean restaurant.
Bishop worked on his personal fitness merit badge.  He did his testing.
Bishop watched a lot of videos on pottery - documentaries continent by continent.
And he had pottery lessons (2 1/2 hours).

Bishop and I watched Outbreak.
Maceo attended troupe and went to acting class two times.
Bishop attended scouts and did even more work on his personal fitness merit badge (he did all the exercises but the run).
Bishop worked out with the medicine ball and showed some of his friends how to use kettle bells. Bishop worked on the program for the Court of Honor that he will be emceeing.
Bishop researched and discussed - are viruses alive? etc. 
Bishop went to open studio.
 Maceo had a special performance at a summer camp fair hosted by local newspaper.

For two hours, Maceo and I talked about an article entitled "9 Sins the Church is Okay With",  about Fiorina being announced as running mate to Cruz and Boehners comment about Cruz being "Lucifer in the flesh."
Maceo watched NFL draft.
 Maceo had an eye appointment.
 Maceo had troupe and acting class.
I went north to meet up with Herb so that we could exchange vehicles to prepare for Tulsa.
Bishop went to hang out with friends than to another friend's birthday party.
Maceo went to see a production of Seminar.
Maceo had a special troupe rehearsal on a Sunday for four additional troupe hours.
Bishop put in a lot of work on his Court of Honor program and script in preparation for Master of Ceremonies duties.
Bishop baked pies (smoked chocolate cherry pie) and was mc for the court of honor; it went very well.

Maceo had more acting classes on Monday and Wednesday.
Bishop went first to the Fritz's then to the Love's where he went longboarding.
Maceo had seven hours of special troupe rehearsals to prepare for ArtsFest.
Bishop went to an art show entitled "Retropolis."

So, there you have it.  That's what we have been up to!

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