Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Twenty-Two

October 2 - 8

Before I begin with the new weeks accomplishments I would like to share with you this photo of Maceo.  This is Maceo performing at the Show Your Character event on October 1.  A friend at the theatre took this photo and shared it with me.  Isn't it an awesome photo?

Bishop spent the bulk of this week in Korea.  I don't have a lot of details regarding his trip.  I am certain I will hear all the details upon his return home.  But I do have some photos that give me some idea as to what he, Keegan and Christian might be up to.
Apparently, they ate a lot of ice cream.

And they tried fish cakes at Myeondong.
One of the things that I enjoyed doing when I visited Seoul was to go to food chains that I was familiar with and see how the menu was altered for the Korean market.  I found that the Baskin-Robbins had no pralines and cream but did have green tea ice cream and the Burger King added bulgogi to their hamburgers.  Keegan and Bishop found fun Pokemon donuts at Krispy Kreme.
They visited palaces...
...and the Han River...

...and the war museum.
That is all I know at this time but I am certain I will have an update soon.
Keegan and Bishop have returned to L.A.  Bishop viewed an original play, "Airport Encounters", that Keegan's boyfriend is part of the cast of.

Meanwhile, Maceo has continued with his many performance-related endeavors.  Maceo had vocal lessons, pre-professional acting, pre-professional music theory and vocal production, improvisational acting, Youth Performance Troupe, and Teen Players.
Teen Players will be doing a public performance every Final Friday (that would be the last Friday performance of each main stage production) and this last Friday was their first one.  For our entertainment, they did a series of improvisational exercises.
Loved it....

...and love this boy!!!

He also continued with Peter Pan performances.
Oh yes, and Maceo got a hair cut - do you see that?
The production will close tomorrow.
It has been a good run.  He and the other pirates have really enjoyed working together and performing before sold out crowds.

So, tomorrow the show ends and tomorrow Bishop returns from his grand adventure then we shall see what new adventures we can experience!!!

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