Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our Beautiful World

Autumn is upon us and I have been reveling in our beautiful world.

This bird was in my backyard yesterday morning.  It had the most beautiful song.  I am not certain as to what type of bird it is.  I am researching that but I do wonder if it might be some type of warbler as they are migrating presently.

Today I went to a really fantastic park to enjoy the Autumn weather - sunny with a bit of a chill.
I saw beautiful succulent plantings...
 ...and a tree in the process of turning...
...and the monarchs were everywhere!

 I was giddy with all of the monarch sightings.  I wish I was like this little girl in the garden with butterflies alighting on her.

The bees were out as well.

 Just beauty everywhere I looked.

 Did I already share with you that there were monarchs everywhere?

I learned that the growth on this pine tree is called candling and it will all be pruned soon.
 And the Japanese portion of this park is always a beautiful sight.

Our world is so beautiful and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to enjoy it on this Autumn day!

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