Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Christian!!!

Happy Birthday, to my wonderful first-born son!
This birthday finds you adventuring halfway around the world.
And, although I find myself missing the little birthday traditions that our family has established, I wouldn't have it any other way.
I pray that this adventure is a glorious one and I pray that your birthday celebration is a joyous one.
I know that your presence in my life is both joyous and glorious!
There were so many emotions that were felt when your Dad and I found out that we would have the awesome privilege and responsibility of being parents.
In your baby book your Dad wrote (in his own handwriting) that his first reaction was "very happy and anxious to see my first child.  I was happy to be a parent and raise a child."   I wrote that "I was very excited and happy but I was also very scared.  I was afraid that I might not make a good mother.  But I knew that I could and would love you with all my heart."  Through all the years that love has never wavered!
After a lengthy labor you finally arrived at 5:34pm!
"When I held you I couldn't believe how tiny you were - your fingers and nose were so small.  You were also so beautiful.  And, of course, I had to comment on your shoulders which were so broad that I had a difficult time delivering."
Your father chose your name.  Christian means "one who followed Christ" and Ulysses means "detester of dishonesty and injustice."
It is such a big name to live up to but I am certain, my son, that you are up to the challenge!
In your baby book I wrote, "Of course, our biggest hope was that you'd be born happy and healthy! But we also hoped that you would grow up feeling loved and being able to love in return.  We hoped you'd be successful; not "success" as society defines it (glory, fame, and fortune).  When we speak of success we mean finding something you enjoy doing and being good at it.  Most of all we hope you will love yourself, others and God and that you will forever be happy."
I still pray for health and happiness for you.
I still pray that you will love God with all your heart, mind and strength.
I still pray that you will love your neighbor as yourself.
I still pray that you pursue your passions fervently and, likewise, be rewarded with energetic enthusiasm, joy and satisfaction.
I love you, son, and am so proud of the man that you have become!
I wish you a happy birthday and hope that it has been joy-filled!

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