Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Holy Week Happenings

There are a host of things that I like to do with my family during Holy Week in an effort to prepare our minds and hearts for the true joy of Easter.  I hope these things will help impress upon my children's hearts the scriptures and their glorious revelation of what our Saviour has done for us.
At the least, they have become traditions that bind our family together.
Here is a bit of what our family did during this past Holy Week.
We recognized Passover.
(For an explanation as to why we celebrate Passover you can check out my previous post).
We had a Lenten tea on Maundy Thursday.
(Although we tweaked the menu just a bit, this idea originated at Cottage Blessings).
We continued with our Jesus tree.
(This is a new addition to our Lent. The Jesus tree ornaments can be found here).
We set up our Stations of the Cross.
We had another Lenten tea on Good Friday.
We made crowns of thorns from pretzel sticks and chocolate.
We place them first on our family altar and on Easter they will become nests on the dinner table.
We also watched episodes of 'The Bible'
and Bishop and I went to a unique Good Friday service.
It was a week of investigation and introspection -
a suitable ending to Lent.

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