Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lifestyle of Learning: Volumes 10 and 11 Condensed

For the past two weeks (March 31-April 13), our family has been having some really grand adventures.
For eight months we knew that we wanted to get Christian to South Korea for a bit of a stay.  On April 1st I decided that action was required because his window of opportunity was closing quickly.  So I purchased him a ticket and he departed for South Korea on April 3rd.  He will be there for a month and I have it on good authority that he is having some awesome experiences.
Keegan arrived for a visit on the 8th and we will soon be doing some traveling ourselves.
But even with all of this busy-ness life offers us many other opportunities.
Bishop and I continued taking a look at the human body.
We finished up the senses by exploring touch and taste.
We examined the parts of the skin.
We explored the circulatory system.
And that of the cat's.
We even made a model of the components of blood...
which inspired spontaneous experiments attempting to simulate digestion.
We played games.
Bishop continued working on merit badges (Chess, Crime Prevention and Family Life) for Boy Scouts and Maceo continued with choir.
Picture day for the choir.
Bishop figured out how to mend a sizable hole in the garage.
Bishop continued making progress on the Ranger's Apprentice series and Maceo began reading V for Vendetta.

And they both continued pursuing individual interests.  Maceo is still delving in to filmography and Bishop has developed an interest in steampunk and fabrication.
It is always an adventure around here.
I am learning so much!

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