Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lifestyle of Learning: Volume 9

Much of what we did this week centered around Holy Week and deepening our understanding of  the glorious mystery of the Resurrection.  Recognizing the liturgical calendar is an essential part of our lifestyle of learning.  For our family, recognizing the liturgical calendar provides rhythm and encourages peace and joy.  We also find joy in pursuing individual interests, learning new things and fellowshipping with friends, which are all things that we managed to do this past week.
Here is a glimpse of our lifestyle of learning for the week of March 24-March 30.
It included a trip to The Discovery Center with some friends. 
Exhibits that explore the senses parallel some of Bishop's personal studies.
Exploring surface tension with bubbles.
Exploring the concept of pixels.
Our local news men.
Bishop is also the weatherman.
Actually, he is a dancing weatherman!
Quite possibly the zaniest theatrical performance ever!
Experiencing the wind tunnel.
We also went to 1984 - a video arcade reminiscent of the early 80's.
Besides working on reflexes, problem solving and fine motor skills Bishop also learned a little about the history of gaming technology.  It was fascinating to find the dates on the machines and then do a comparative analysis of their graphics.
Bishop had a great week in the kitchen - he created a Korean masterpiece, made 'crowns of thorns' from pretzels and chocolate, and made fresh lemonade.  He got a hankering for some lemonade, found a recipe and adapted it for his own purposes.  It was fantastic lemonade!
Bishop and I have continued making progress with our current read-aloud, "The Rangers Apprentice: Halt's Peril."  Maceo has continued his exploration of logic fallacies, has begun to study the history of the 1960's, and has continued developing storylines and characters for movie scripts.
I look forward to seeing what this next week holds for us (particularly in the kitchen, yum)!

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