Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lifestyle of Learning Volume 23

We began this week with a close encounter of the bat kind.  I was trimming back some low hanging branches when I heard a high pitched squeak and, out of my periphery, saw something largish (for the context) hit my arm.  Startled, I dropped the branches to the ground and saw a bat, wings outstretched but still attached to the branch, lying on the ground.  Of course, I called my naturalist, Bishop, out to take a peek.  The bat was laying so still that we had to look closely to see if he was still alive.  He was - his little nose was wiggling.  With a little prodding he finally released that branch and moved to a branch that was still intact.  We got to observe him sleeping for the rest of the day.  It was cool.

The boys attended youth group this week where they are studying where the Bible came from and are analyzing arguments related to the origins of the Bible.  I love how their youth leader is encouraging them to learn the tenants of logical analysis and is also encouraging them to apply logic in understanding worldviews and in developing their worldview.  I also love how their youth leader expects them to participate in the workings of the church.  This week they attended the budget meeting for the church.  At the moment the boys find it very tedious but they feel respected.  They are treated as young adults who have some responsibility in the matters of the church.

Bishop is working diligently on his projects for the fair.  He is researching potential papercraft projects and has begun his locking-block (aka Legos) model.  He is building The Robie House.  It has over 2000 pieces and 141 steps.  It is quite the undertaking.  Both of the boys worked on an art project that involved alcohol ink and spoons.
This project will be entered in the fair as a joint project.
There are four generations, ages 2-70, represented on this artwork.
We are very excited about it!

Maceo continues to consume movies.  He went to the theater three times this week.  I took him and Bishop to one summer blockbuster.  The other two movies were at the independent theater where he got to meet the owner and hopes to secure some sort of internship there to learn about the business of operating an independent theater.  One movie was about eco-terrorists and opened the door to conversation on varying worldviews and how worldview might impact the making of any movie.  It was an invigorating conversation.

Maceo spent the night with some friends.  They live in a very rural area and have a river running through their property.  Bishop and I went out to their house the following day.  We took the scenic route (which simply means that on the way there we got lost and were able to see parts of our state that we had never seen before - cool!).  We celebrated Independence Day with this wonderful family.
We had a really fabulous potluck and then did a fireworks show.
The boys were completely in charge of some pretty serious fireworks.
They relished the independence allowed them and understand the seriousness of the responsibility given to them.  They gave serious consideration to the way that the show might look to the audience while being vigilant about safety precautions; Bishop was the fire marshal making sure that sparks on the ground were extinguished, etc.
It was a really great evening and I was so proud of my young men!

The following day, we continued celebrating Independence day.
Bishop orchestrated an evening of grilled steaks, fireworks, and s'mores.
It was a really fantastic evening!

Bishop and Maceo continue to do a considerable amount of reading and ask to go to the bookstore quite frequently.  Maceo spent nearly two hours roaming a bookstore while Bishop and I went to a program put on by the Conservation Department.  While at the bookstore Maceo was inspired to create his own 'required reading' list; it is quite an extensive list.  Bishop attended a program about venomous snakes in our state at our nature center.
He said that he knew most everything that was presented but he did glean a little new information.  I personally learned a significant amount.

And in the midst of all this fun we also had to get Maceo prepared for church camp in New Mexico.  He will spend a week in New Mexico doing missions.
Life is truly a grand adventure!

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