Friday, July 26, 2013

The Fair Has Begun!

The band marches in playing some funky music and the fair officially begins.
We consume our traditional root beer in a jug and fresh-squeezed lemonade... 
and funnel cakes and hand-dipped foot long corn dogs.
And we head over to the exhibit hall to check out all the entries and to see how we fared.
Bishop took second with both his woodworking and recycling projects and took a first with his leatherworking project.
He took a second with his papercraft project and a first and grand champion with his rock collection.
His cookies, which were a creation of his own, received a blue ribbon as well.
And his lego model of The Robie House received a second place award.
Unfortunately, Christian's photography didn't place; it is a very difficult division to compete in.
We were pleased to see that they stood up well next to his competitiors work.
The joint family project, with four generations represented, received a blue ribbon. 
And, even Roxie's joint project with her daycare received a first place award.
All in all, it was a very exciting experience!
We will return to the fair soon to experience more of its wonderful offerings.

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