Monday, July 15, 2013

Lifestyle of Learning Volume 24

I have another week of grand adventures to share with you.
Welcome to our lifestyle of learning for the week of July 7-13.

Maceo's adventure will take him to familiar territory but in an unfamiliar way.
He will be going to New Mexico but it will not be a family trip, he will be going with his youth group.
He will spend the week doing mission work.
Hopefully he will come back with some photos of his adventures.  If so, I will share them with you and give you an update.

In the meantime, Bishop, Christian and I had our own adventures.
We visited a Lebanese restaurant and had a most fabulous meal with hummus and gryos and kafta and lamb kebabs.
We look forward to going back.

We also went for a walk at the nature center.
What a beautiful walk.
We saw turtles, a deer wading through the river, a water snake
and a small muskrat trying to get himself a little lunch.
He was such a blast to watch!

Bishop and I played a new game, Tangoes.
This game is really quite tough.  Bishop beat me but that is not a surprise, is it?

Bishop worked diligently on projects to enter in to the fair.
He has signed up to enter ten different projects - card collection, other collection, paper craft, leather work, wood work, photography, cookies, knot board, recycling project, and locking block (lego) model.
This has kept him very busy.  He even taught me a bit about leather working.

Bishop also spent a lot of time grilling, researching grilling and grilling some more.

He treated us to one delicious meal after another.  He grilled chicken, salmon, polska kielbasa, brats, italian sausage, pork roast and salmon.  He made the most incredible smoked bacon, grilled onion and cheese sandwich.  He even grilled up two pies.
All I had to do all week was come up with side dishes which means all I had to do was slice up cucumbers and watermelon and such.  Unbelievable!

And we experienced more nature, this time in our own backyard.
We discovered that we have Carolina Wrens living in our backyard.
What a beautiful song they have!

The end of the week found us going on a walk throughout the neighborhood
and found us sipping on the great life!

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