Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lifestyle of Learning Volume 25

July 14-20

Maceo has returned from his trip to New Mexico.  It was a really positive experience.  He bonded well with his fellow youth group members, met others from our city who were there with other churches, and enjoyed all that the camp had to offer.  He made special note of the mission work, the daily Bible lesson, and the Robbie Seay Band.  He did not take any pictures, however, others did and I will attempt to get copies.

Now Maceo will get to rest for a week prior to beginning another summer institute program at the community theatre.

Bishop completed his insect study merit badge requirements by raising a butterfly from its caterpillar stage.  He had done this before, when he was about five but was delighted to do it again.  Metamorphosis - truly a miracle.
He released the painted lady butterflies this week, with the exception of one with a damaged wing that is going to live with us a little while longer.

Most of Bishop's time was spent working on his projects for the fair.
Bishop stitching his leather work project.
Bishop's recycling project - a Dale Chihuly-inspired sculpture constructed from water bottles.
The Robie House Lego model - all 2746 pieces in place.
All of the fair projects, including Bishop's, Christian's and the family joint project, on display the evening before we took them to the fair.
Bishop was personally responsible for getting all of his projects checked in.

Maceo made a trip to the book store and the comic book store to try to add more to his growing collection of books.  He was also inspired to create his own personal library in his room; he scoured the house for books that he would like to read throughout his high school years.
The boys went to the library to get their rewards cards for the summer reading program.  Bishop played Minecraft and Maceo checked out a stack of books.
They have both been reading quite a bit and Maceo has been listening to podcasts related to movie analysis.
There was also vigorous astrophysics-related conversation amongst all the boys, Christian included.
We concluded the week by going to the community theatre and watching a summer institute production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  It was amazing.

It has been a week well-lived!

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