Tuesday, January 6, 2015

101 Things (or more) to do in the Year 2015

Welcome 2015!
I look forward to all the opportunities that you hold for me.
I hope that the year might include....

1.  leaving poetry/inspiration in random places for the enjoyment of strangers.
2.  building a monarch butterfly garden to aid them during migration.
3.  making bread at least twelve times.
4.  identifying at least five types of mushrooms.
5.  fixing garage door.
6.  sorting, purging and cleaning every nook and cranny of my property.
7.  painting garage.
8.  helping Bishop build a forge.
9.  playing my mandolin.
10.  teaching Bishop sodoku.
11.  making a folded paper something.
12.  doing at least one puzzle.
13.  keeping a commonplace/journal book.
14.  finishing painting basement bathroom.
15.  having all trees trimmed.
16.  studying Shakespeare.
17.  learning to roll sushi.
18.  trying three new ways to do my hair.
19.  going to a ren fest.
20.  making a fairy house.
21.  putting a window in the shed.
22.  subscribing to taproot.
23.  making tree branch blocks.
24.  making wood polish.
25.  addressing foot issue.
26.  trying tai chi.
27.  transcribing a book of the Bible - Proverbs.
28.  updating blog.
29.  addressing knee issue.
30.  consistently working Swagbucks and Bing.
31.  keeping a gift log, including the money spent.
32.  repairing fence.
33.  making garden orbs.
34.  listing all debt.
35.  developing a debt reduction plan.
36.  fixing front step.
37.  putting lightbulb in carport fixture.
38.  repair chimney.
39.  repaint mantel.
40.  do some writing exercises inspired by 35 mm.
41.  take a day trip - explore something new.
42.  take one longer trip.
43.  become a merit badge counselor.
44.  repairing guttering.
45.  making kimchi.
46.  organizing recipes.
47.  organizing and using home management binder.
48.  putting door knob on bathroom.
49.  replacing bathroom faucet.
50.  replacing kitchen faucet.
51.  helping Roxie organize Nanny and Grandad's photos.
52.  helping Mama organize Granny and Grandaddy's photos.
53.  using my binoculars to do some birdwatching.
54.  learning how to REALLY use my new camera.
55.  helping Bishop sell cards at at least one craft fair.
56.  having dim sum.
57.  removing mold in basement.
58.  getting electrical fixed in basement.
59.  making Maceo's 8th grade yearbook.
60.  making Maceo's 9th grade yearbook.
61.  making Bishop's 8th grade yearbook.
62.  sewing something.
63.  etching wooden spoons.
64.  ordering Averett theatre photos.
65.  making something from Flax for Life cookbook.
66.  repairing oven handle.
67.  putting handle on kitchen drawer.
68.  putting handles on kitchen windows.
69.  cleaning gutters.
70.  cleaning windows.
71.  reducing grocery shopping.
72.  making and using an herb vinegar.
73.  making homemade yogurt.
74.  making bagels.
75.  making homemade ice cream.
76.  trying five different soda fountain recipes.
77.  making homemade hummus.
78.  making a soft cheese.
79.  getting a freezer.
80.  doing gelatin printing.
81. dipping candles.
82.  setting up Bishop's loom.
83.  taking Maceo album shopping.
84.  repairing space above spices.
85.  replacing outlets.
86.  removing carpet on stairs.
87.  painting stairwell.
88.  redoing flooring in mudroom and add trim.
89.  redoing flooring in laundry room and add trim.
90.  replacing washer and dryer.
91.  cleaning ventilation system.
92.  dealing with van.
93.  repairing Jeep.
94.  posting 2015 holiday home tour.
95.  making caramel corn
96.  celebrating!
97.  helping Maceo write his performers resume. DONE!
98.  painting master bedroom.
99.  redecorating master bedroom.
100.  fixing Maceo's bed.
101.  making saurkraut.
102.  listening to at least six lectures.
103.  stop buying salad dressings, only use homemade.
104.  making Granny's caramels.
105.  stretching.
106. doing STEM hands-on activities with Maceo and Bishop.
107.  papier-mache something.
108.  making a plague doctor mask with Bishop.
109.  drawing.
110.  felting something.
111.  resume making toys for the little ones.
112.  having at least four game nights.
113.  freshening and enlivening flower beds.
114.  helping Bishop complete his metalworking merit badge.
115. making something with precious metal clay.
116.  doing some writing exercises with Maceo and Bishop.
117.  getting a massage.
118. taking Maceo and Bishop to chiropractor.
119.  teaching Maceo and Bishop how to lift weights.
120.  paying off all credit cards.
121.  visiting at least five different parks (local, state or otherwise) in our area.
122.  taking Bishop fishing.
123.  hosting a medieval feast.
124.  doing some bookmaking.
125.  making at least twelve scrapbook layouts.
126.  going on a hike.
127.  having several yard sales.
128.  developing a vitamin regimen and adhere to it.
129.  camping.


  1. Wow I got tired just reading this list! I love how you dream big. I'm working on remembering how to dream, assuming I knew how to do it at some point. ๐Ÿ˜Š And I have an awesome chiropractor that has worked on me, Kevin, mom, Samantha, Vince, Austin, and Ella. We all love him! I can give you his number if you want it, just let me know. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. I have always been a dreamer. Sometimes life has tried to beat it out of me but I am not one to give up easily. Dream large, dream little...just dream.