Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Move to Washington D.C.

We knew it was a possibility.
Of course we did, we submitted the application with the hopes.
Yet when it happened it seemed unexpected.
It all happened so quickly.
The day after his graduation party Christian learned that he had been admitted into American University's School of International Service beginning Spring 2015 - that really means in January.
There was much to be done-
an apartment to be secured, items to be packed, a van to be rented, oh and money to be found,
and goodbyes to be said.
The boys last hurrah was a trip to the movie theater to view Interstellar
and then to Harbell's for some yummy dinner.
Then Christian's friends met up with him to send him off.
Finally, off to Washington D.C.!

We journeyed first to Cleveland where some friends of Christian's hosted us for the evening.
They were fantastic hosts!
Thanks, Adam and Samantha!
We arrived in D.C., secured the apartment, unloaded the van then went to find a bite to eat and develop a game plan.  We had dinner at a burger joint called Z Burgers.  I got an order of delicious onion rings that filled an entire lunch bag.  I'm not kidding.  It was a lot of onion rings!

On our first full day in Washington D.C. these lovely ladies, friends of Christian's that live in Maryland, took us out on the town.

We ate at a fabulous little Korean restaurant.
And went to Chinatown
where we found this fantastic Christmas tree.

We also stumbled across the Smithsonian Gallery of American Portraiture
and a delightful candy shop.

Besides just visiting with friends the purpose of this outing was for the ladies to teach Christian how to use the metro.
It was fantastic, fun, full of laughs!

The next day we set out to explore the campus a bit.

Oh, look, there's the School of International Service!
Yes, there it is!

After getting Christian moved in to his apartment and getting furniture purchased and assembled, after visiting with friends and filling up the fridge we determined to do a little sight seeing.

The Lincoln Memorial.

The Korean War Memorial.

The Washington Memorial.
The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.

Rollin R. Austin - my Uncle.

Washington National Cathedral.

It was a full and moving journey!

I returned home with an empty van
and a heart that was simultaneously full and empty
in a way that only a mother's heart can be when she sends one of her children off!

I love you, Christian, and pray that you are protected physically and spiritually
and pray that you meet your future challenges with integrity, determination, vision - success!

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