Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Two

January 11-17

Pinnochio rehearsals began in earnest for Maceo logging a total of 15 hours of rehearsals.
He also logged 5 hours and 15 minutes of rehearsal for his traveling company's production of Flat Stanley.
Additionally, Maceo has 2 hours of troupe and mentors the younger troupers for 1.5 hours.
He did get a bit of a reprieve this week as his vocal instructor was sick and canceled his private vocal lesson.
However, he did audition for something additional this week.  He auditioned for Youthfest - a youth variety show that offers up a scholarship to a participant.  Out of the 63 youths who auditioned only 40 made it - he made it!
I am so impressed with Maceo's commitment to his art.

Bishop attended his second week of pottery lessons.
He is so enjoying it.

For history group we read about the diaspora.  The kids then made charoset and we had an abbreviated Passover meal.

After history group he attended church with another family and spent the night with them.
He also attended scouts this week.
For nature study group we have decided to focus on biomes.
The boys had access to a host materials - biotic and abiotic.
They then created their own ecosystems.

Adding crickets.
And mealworms.

A little orange to feed the crickets and mealworms until the seeds begin to grow.
After making several smaller versions they decided to make...

...the BioDome X.
Bishop ended his week by reading some of his book The Professional Chef by the American Culinary Institute.  It is a massive tome and he is determined to make his way through it.
We dined at a Chinese restaurant that was new to us.
The food was good but most importantly we discovered that they have a "secret" menu, an authentic Chinese menu,
One that includes dim sum on Saturdays, including chicken's feet.
We will be going back very soon!

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