Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Four

January 25-31

What a super cool week we have had!

Bishop spent a couple of days at a friends house and then met me at scouts.
His troop is working on their aviation merit badge.

They even got to do a flight simulator.

Although Bishop didn't enter anything in the Unschool Art Exhibit this year we opted to go to the artists reception in order to support friends and the homeschool community.

A cool silver necklace made by a friend
That cute robot was made by a little friend of ours.
The faith painting and the Thomas paintings were done by a couple more friends. And that dinosaur painting was the hit of the show.
The Unschool Art Exhibit is held annually at a local gallery.  We love visiting this gallery.  We find it inspiring.
The gourd art is always a favorite.
Bishop is fascinated by the oil pitcher.  How did the potter make that?
I love the red-winged black bird!
In The Story of the World we read the chapters on the Ottoman Turks and The Black Plague.  After doing our review questions and map work.  We played a black plague simulation game.

The boys had a blast!

Bishop spent two hours in open studio practicing the skills that he has been learning in pottery class.

Look...the first bowl he made without any guidance from his instructor!
Bishop prepared his pasta with pink sauce again, tweaking the recipe, attempting to perfect it.  I thought that the changes were magnificent but he doesn't believe that he has perfected it yet.  I really don't mind if he keeps trying.

We had to postpone nature study group but we spent time preparing.
We have inspiring books and a cool biomes pin map.

Bishop finished off his week with another pottery class.
I know that I have inundated the blog with photos of Bishop and pottery class and maybe I should consider not posting so many pictures each week but that's not going to happen this week.
I think that they illustrate quite well how great a teacher Hue is.
I love these pictures in a different sort of way then the previous ones.
I love watching Bishop and his latest endeavor.
Bishop with the first bowls that he threw completely on his own. 
These will be treasured forever! 

Bishop has logged many hours at the food pantry over the years.  This year he and I were part of a team that served over 800 individuals and over 200 families and that accomplishment was celebrated with a volunteers breakfast.  It is great to be part of something big.

So there are a slew of pictures of Bishop and his adventures and no photographic illustrations of Maceo's.  He is so independent.  Nonetheless, I must still try to find a way to photographically document his journey.  Maceo pursued his theatrical endeavors.  He saw a performance of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, again.  He continues rehearsals for My Son Pinocchio and the traveling company.  He continues with troupe and troupe mentorship.  And he continues with vocal instruction, meeting twice this week.  Here are notes from one of his lessons, "Maceo had a great lessson today. We're beginning work on material that really emphasizes his upper mixed chest voice, and he is tackling it with accuracy and consistency. It's quite impressive to see a young baritone gain access to his upper head register with such smooth transitions. He's singing "Do You Remember" by Pasek and Paul and "Left Behind" from Spring Awakening...both of which are challenging when it comes to register flips. He's making great progress and it's showing with each one of his lessons."

What a great week!
What a great life!

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