Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Nineteen

August 10 - 15

Bishop began his week at the lake with his friends and returned just in time for Maceo's birthday.  Maceo, on the other hand, began his week with Grease rehearsals and lots of time with friends.  Some friends are heading off to college, others are returning to high school so they tried to hang out just as much as possible and had a great time doing it.
On Tuesday Maceo turned 16 years old.  We had just enough time to fit in pizza (of course) before he had to get to troupe and Grease rehearsals.
Happy Birthday, my wonderful son!!!

On Wednesday we took off to Kansas City.  Maceo needed to be at the Kansas City airport Thursday morning so we opted to go up the day before, check the area out and stay overnight near the airport.  We visited the American Jazz Museum and the Negro League Baseball Museum.  I wish that I could have included more photos but they don't allow much in the way of photography.

And we walked around the neighborhood of 18th and Vine.

Then we went to Fritz's for lunch.  Yup, you order your food via telephone

and it is delivered via train!

The hamburgers were yummy, especially the ones with chili on them.
We had a blast!

Then we checked into the hotel where more silliness ensued.
Our first two stops in KC resulted in new hats for Bishop.
Room service had them feeling as if we were living the high life!

Living the high life includes pondering very deep thoughts.
Thursday involved getting Maceo to the airport...
where he learned to navigate security and such.
(This is only the second time he has ever flown and the first by himself).
Bishop and I then went to an aquarium

and the Big Easy where we were able to directly compare etouffee with gumbo and have a bit shrimp creole as well.  Oh yes and Bishop got a po' boy to go.


Shrimp Creole

By the time we had made it home Maceo and Keegan had made it to NYC, baby!

They immediately got down to business having pizza, seeing Times Square,
and finding Broadway!

After a small summer break Bishop returned to pottery.
He learned how to trim his plates...

and had the unique opportunity to teach another student.  Even looking at these pictures brings tears to my eyes - I am sooo proud of him!

We then went to Creasian where we tried a new dish, Minced Pork with Bean Sprouts, and then went to our first nature study group meeting of this academic year.  This really means that we went and hung out at what has become one of the boys favorite parks.  The moms discussed all sorts of plans for the year including visiting a cave once a month for nature study group.  We're going to have fun!

In the meantime, Keegan and Maceo ran into Lin Manuel Miranda...

visited St. Patrick's Cathedral...

the Drama Book Shop, Inc and had dinner with my Dad and his wonderful wife, Helen,
before going to see Hamilton: An American Musical.

I am certain it was a magnificent day!

I am not certain what all they have been up to today other then spending time together...
and seeing the King and I this evening.

Oh, the adventurous life is grand!

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