Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Twenty-One

August 23-29

Nature sightings are always  a highlight of the week.
I spied this beautiful butterfly and...
A red-spotted purple?  aka Limenitis arthemis astyanaz?
a cicada molting.

We had some other really cool creature sightings this summer that I failed to mention previously.  Last week Bishop startled a baby opossum (it couldn't have been any longer then six inches) that immediately began to play dead.  It was VERY convincing and very cool to witness.   Earlier this summer we discovered that there was  mama raccoon in the area.  I had spied her one evening in our trash and another day in a parking lot down the block.  We knew there had to be babies around somewhere and one day we met one.  I heard scratching at the door, the way that the cat does when he wants to be let in.  However, I knew that the cat was in the house.  I looked out the window and saw a young cat on the porch.  This cat and a second young cat had been living in our garage.  I assumed the scratching was the other young cat and I thought that I might be able to befriend the cats.  I opened the door ready to sweet talk the kitties and found myself face to face with a young raccoon that had scaled our door frame in order to get away from the cat.  Very startling.  I closed the door quickly but I have to say that raccoons are really cute.

This week Maceo continued with Grease rehearsals logging 13 1/2 hours.  They also took head shots for the show.  Fun!

Maceo spent a lot of time with friends - another sleepover, dining out.  These kids have such busy schedules but they still find time to hang out.

Bishop returned from his scout float trip, took a tiny rest and then was off to youth group.
And, as usual, Bishop and I hung out quite a bit.  One evening we went to dinner and he ordered this very intriguing hamburger; basically breakfast on a burger - egg, hash browns and bacon. Yum!  We spent a considerable amount of time discussing the -isms - racism, sexism, etc.  We also discussed culinary goals for September.  If all goes well September will be a good month!

Bishop and I also returned to the restaurant at Farmers Park where we had...

mussels with housemade chorizo and biscuits with andouille sausage gravy...
pasta carbonara...
beef cheek and grits...
creme brulee...
and peach bread pudding.

Then we went to a park to watch a performance of Midsummer Nights Dream.

It was a perfect evening and the production was hilarious.

Bishop and I volunteered three hours at Ozarks Food Harvest.  We joined a group of our friends from Panera and together we processed over 2000 pounds of eggs that had been donated by Wal-Mart.

Bishop and I also attended a Makers Fair where we saw 3-D printers galore, an Oculus, robots, blacksmithing, welding, soldering, and artisans.
Our good friend and artist, Moly, was an exhibitor.  She is a sculptor who utilizes oxygen acetylene welding.  You can check her out on Facebook.

Middle school kids with a Makey Makey piano - you play the piano by touching bananas.
Blacksmithing using a cool forge.
A 3-D printer.
This kiddo built his own 3-D printer.
Scanning a family so as to print a 3-D figurine.
Super cool - this guy created bowls and cups and such by first printing 3-D models then making molds from those.  Very geometric.  Bishop bought one.
The Air Force was present with their EOD robot.
And what fair would be complete without a fire-breathing toad?
Maceo did manage to have voice lessons this week and had six extra hours of rehearsals for troupe related promotional performances and a special benefit performance they will put on on Sunday.  Saturday troupe performed at the zoo.
The peacocks are always posing!

That same evening the cast of Grease did a promotional performance at Sonic.
It was a super good time!

Afterwards Maceo and Bishop went to a friends house for a "peepover".
Good times!

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