Friday, August 28, 2015

Steps Toward Financial Fitness Volume Thirteen

I made some real progress on the house.  The new garage door has been installed and the trash has been hauled.  This progress has helped free up some energy and brainpower allowing me to work on other things so I did manage to do a little grocery shopping and put together a full meal.  This may not sound like much of an accomplishment but given the summer I have had this is quite the accomplishment.  I am still surprised, however, at just how difficult it is for me to fully focus.  I am going to keep making progress though, starting with pulling out my household management binder, putting some routine back into my life and making some menus.  I am getting there...

-As I have sorted through my belongings I paid special attention to our educational resources.  I pulled out many to give to my nieces to use their kiddos and I organized the remaining resources to facilitate our use of them.  It is wasteful to have resources that I am not using and I am more likely to spend money on something else if I am unaware of what I already have available.  We have so much to explore, so much to occupy us.  It should be an adventure.

-A new CVS went in just down the road, a block away from our house, and as part of their grand opening celebrations they had some nice freebies.  I received coupons in the mail for a free 2-liter Coke, a free Hershey's bar, a free CVS brand product up to $3, and $5 off of a $15 purchase.  When I went in to use those coupons and to stock up on some basics (toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, toilet paper and laundry detergent - all on sale and some giving rewards) I found that they had other freebies as well.  I was given two water bottles, two pens, a first aid kit, a pill case, and a bag with samples and coupons.  Score!

-Bishop and I both got new t-shirts with no out-of-pocket expense.  Alongside some of our best buddies from Panera (hey, friendships happen when you are a regular) we volunteered at a local food pantry.  Because it was a group event we got matching shirts and we rocked them.  And, even better, for the price of our labor we got to help our community while building even stronger bonds with those in our personal community.  Thanks guys!

-Bishop and I went to see A Midsummer Nights Dream at an outdoor venue just outside of our art museum.  It was FREEEE and it was FABULOUS!  The weather was perfect and the cast was funny!

-It was difficult to make the time but I did manage to get to Kohl's this week so that I could use my $10 birthday coupon before it expired.

-I had ordered shoes for Bishop via Footlocker.  They sent the wrong shoes.  I initially was just going to follow the return/exchange instructions on the invoice but I opted to call and report it first.  During that call I learned that they no longer had the shoes we had originally ordered in his size.  We selected another pair of shoes that cost $5 more.  They covered the difference and expedited the shipping.  I am so glad I decided to call and I really appreciate their service.

Christmas Jar O' Change:  The previous balance was $120.64.  I will now add $5.38 for a new balance of $126.02.

Home Emergency Fund:  $0

52-Week Savings Plan:  There were no new deposits as all deposits were made through August.  The balance remains $930.

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