Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Fun and Fabulous Court of Honor

Yesterday Bishop's scout troop had a Court of Honor with an "around the world" theme.
We pooled our global treasures to make centerpieces

and experienced amazing desserts - 
baklava and black forest cake,
German chocolate cake and French tarts covered in ganache,
American...I mean...Czechoslavakian brownies,
quiches aux fruites,
ice cream from New Zealand,
and flan!

Oh yes, the rest of the food was really amazing as well!

The desserts were prepared by the boys.  They competed for the title of "International King of Desserts" and (drumroll please) Bishop was determined to be the winner with his baklava.

Oh yes, meet the International King of Desserts!!!

It was a super duper evening and I may still be full from all the truly delicious food served up at this fun and fabulous Court of Honor!

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