Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Some Small Frugal Successes

October 6-10
There are so many little choices that I make each day that affect my ability to be financially fit.  Just this morning I had a spot of breakfast at the bakery on the corner.  Prior to leaving I began to think that I wanted to take something home to Maceo.  I tried to talk myself out of it.  I told myself that it wasn't sensible, that I could prepare things at home for him then I ordered him some lunch.  That one little decision set me back $8.  That decision got me to thinking of all the little choices I make throughout the day that either contribute to my fitness or set me back.  The little things matter.  Do I turn the heater on today or put something with sleeves on?  Despite the fact that I am tired do I prepare a home cooked meal or order delivery?  Do I store the leftovers properly and put them to good use or do I say it's not that much, I can just feed it to the hens?
I am determined to get re-focused on all the small things that contribute to financial fitness.

-I have nearly $35 in Swagbucks.  I have been activating the Shop and Earn feature when doing online shopping and that is helpful.  I am going to work on getting back in to the routine of doing some of the simple tasks everyday; that also helps.

-Bishop used half a lemon in the making of his award-winning baklava.  I squeezed the other half into a jar to freeze for later use.

-I chopped some stray green onions and placed them in the freezer as well.

-I diced the green bell pepper that I got at Aldi 3 for .79.  I purchased two of those packages so six diced bell pepper go into the freezer.

-While I was busy chopping and dicing I opted to chop some yellow onion as I already had a half an onion peeled and waiting to be used.

-I was randomly given a $5 coupon for any online order at Panera.  I ordered Bishop breakfast before going to science group.  We ate at the restaurant though, socializing with the regulars.

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