Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Ten

May 15 - 21

Sunday:  Aaahhh....home for the weekend.  Bishop made us his sweet ribs with pineapple...yum!!!
And Maceo spent the day relaxing while listening to more psychology audiobooks. 

Monday:  We went to an evolution exhibit sponsored by the Smithsonian at the library.

Afterwards, we had a riveting discussion on worldviews and how they impact interpretations of scientific evidence.
Bishop and I researched MOVE and the related bombing in Philadelphia and had an extensive conversation regarding it.
For dinner, Bishop made his eggplant parmesan and created an incredible bbq chicken/pepperoni pizza.  He is so amazing! 
Maceo attended his last day of acting class while Bishop went to scouts and continued to work on his personal fitness merit badge.  He listened to a presentation by a guest lecturer regarding physical fitness and careers found in that industry.

Tuesday: Today we returned to Tulsa, this time brought Bishop as well.  We listened to music during the drive - lots of varieties and we introduced Bishop to  the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album.  Upon arriving in Tulsa we took Bishop to that fantastic pizza joint, Andolini's.  Yum!

We played three games of Aggravation.

Another one.
And another one.
And another one.

Maceo resumed rehearsal for SHREK the Musical...

...while bishop and I roamed around downtown.
I took him to the center of the universe and by some studios to peer into the windows.

Wednesday:  For breakfast today we went to Brookside by Day (another one on our list).

After Maceo's vocal lessons we went to the aquarium.
We LOVE aquariums!


Sea Cucumber

What's not to love?!?

After a little rest I went for a walk by the river across from our house...

...then we were off to another restaurant on our list, Hideaway Pizza,...

...and a trip to the Tulsa Garden Center.

The evening ended with even more Aggravation.

Thursday: Maceo had another vocal lesson then off to lunch at Senor Tequila's.

Afterwards, Bishop and I hit the road back home.
Maceo had a four hour rehearsal. 

Friday:  Bishop and I returned home so that Bishop could work at the homeschool convention.

Bishop with his favorite animal.
He spent eight hours doing pottery throwing demonstrations at the convention.

It is very popular.

Afterwards we had great conversations regarding education and viewed the first episode of United Shades of America.  He spent the evening at a church lock-in where he participated in stimulating discussions and laser tag.
Maceo had a four hour rehearsal.

Saturday:  Upon the completion of the lock-in Bishop and I returned to Tulsa.  Maceo had rehearsal with a lunch break that allowed us to go to Coney Island.

After lunch Maceo returned to rehearsal, Bishop went to the house for a nap and I went to the Blue Dome Arts Festival.

We capped off the evening with Chicago-style pizza at Savastano's.

As Maceo would say, "Go Cubs!"
An evening of relaxation was definitely in order after this crazy busy week!

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