Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Eleven

Sunday May 22 - Saturday May 28

Sunday:  Just going back and forth, back and forth but it is so worth it.  That being said, we made a run to Coney I-Lander before getting on the road back to Springfield.
What is that expression?!?
Upon arriving home I got to cleaning and Maceo went to hang out with friends.
After a bit of cleaning Bishop and I watched a couple more episodes of United Shades of America - one on community policing in Camden NJ and another on prisoners in San Quentin.

Monday:  I did a bit more cleaning while the boys hung out with friends.  One, Ben H., came over and Maceo went out with another, Caddie.
In the evening I went to a planning meeting for scout summer camp.
Bishop fried up some dinner.  He made mozzarella sticks and a "nacho disc," his created dish that was muy delicioso.
And Bishop and I watched yet another episode of United Shades of America - "Off the Grid."

Tuesday:  Bishop had a pottery lesson.
Maceo and I got back to Tulsa and had just enough time to have dinner with some friends before having a four hour rehearsal.

And a new creation from Bishop.  He used egg roll wrappers and filled them with chicken, eggs and cheese.  I bought the egg roll wrappers to make egg rolls but I love that he used them for something entirely different.  Inspirational!

Maceo had vocal lessons and then went for his first pedicure...

...and I helped this lovely lady bake a cake.  I had to leave before the frosting and eating of the cake but the older kiddos in the house made sure to help her finish making the cake.

Maceo had four hours of rehearsal and Bishop watched a lot of Viceland.  Viceland is a cool, thought provoking television station.
I, personally, got on the road back home so that I could get Bishop to a scout event in the morning and could go with Herb to the doctors.

Thursday:  Maceo hung out with one of the other families that is down in Tulsa for the show and spent the day putting up SHREK the musical posters and he had a couple of hours of Shrek rehearsal.
Bishop spent a couple of hours putting flags on veteran's graves at the national cemetery with his scout troop.  Afterwards, we went to Steak and Shake, it is our tradition.

He then went to his friends, Hunter and Cooper, house while I met Herb at the doctors and had dinner with him.
When Bishop got home he watched two episodes of Huangs World with Dad.

Friday:  Bishop stayed at home and spent time with Dad while I went back to Tulsa.  Maceo and I took a friend to our pizza place, Andolini's, and we took her downtown and to the Center of the Universe.

Then that friend, Breanna, and I walked all over Woodward Garden.

Maceo rested until it was time to go to a 3 1/2 hour long rehearsal.

Saturday:  Maceo had a four hour rehearsal than he and I got on the road to head back home so that we could spend a little time with Dad before he had to return to his duty station.

Bishop hung out with Dad.

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