Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Duo of Birthday Celebrations!!!

Today ...what a day!
Today is my husband's birthday and my grand-nephew's birthday - birthday buddies!
So we have a duo of birthday celebrations!

First, Keegan and I went to Maddox's party.
It was a sweet party.  
It had a shark theme. 
 The kiddos made the shark picture decorations.
And there was a "tape the fin on the shark" game.

Barbie seems to be in peril.  Dontcha love it?

It was a great time for Keegan to visit with the extended family.
Birthday candles were forgotten so we improvised.

It was also a great time for Keegan to meet the newest member of our family.
Keegan meet Ollie.
Ollie meet Keegan.

Some serious bonding took place.

Love it!

The second celebration involved a family birthday dinner for Herb.
Bishop and Herb each barbecued a half of a brisket.
 They were each different and each quite tasty.
We also served a greek marinated vegetable salad, collard greens and sweet potato biscuits.
And for dessert Keegan and I made this divine Pineapple Upside Down Cake.
 Herb made his wish and blew out his candles.
Then came the gifts.
Keegan gave him a refillable jug of beer.  It is so cool.
Our centerpiece seen below alluded to the gift from the boys and I.
We gifted him garden plants and soil and assistance with the raised beds.

It was a delightful day!
Happy birthday, Maddox and Herb!!!

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