Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Nine

February 26 - March 4

Maceo continued performing in the Beauty and the Beast Jr.  They had eleven performances this week and will wrap up the run with two performances tomorrow.  ALL SOLD OUT!!!
Maceo and Bishop have both been going to the gym.
Maceo had Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsal (13 1/2 hours).
Maceo attended preprofessional acting class.
Bishop went to his culinary internship.  He helped make cake truffles and he made marshmallow fondant.
Maceo went to the park with friends.
Bishop went to science group and gave a presentation on Mariner 9.
Bishop had a rather rowdy lunch at an Asian buffet - good times, lots of laughter.
Bishop had pottery lessons.
Bishop went to a friends house to hang out a bit then ended up spending the night with another friend.
We had family come in from out of town to view Beauty and the Beast Jr. so we had a lot of family fun.
We had a family gathering at a cousins house.  Bishop made baklava for it and it got rave reviews from his Persian grandmother.  She was stunned to learn that he made it; she was confident that we had purchased it.  She is taking some home to her family.  I made bread and heart-shaped molded butter for the event.
Herb got to meet this precious gal during the gathering!

We had a lot of great dining experiences this week - a hipster diner for breakfast, a stellar Italian restaurant and the most amazing bbq in town.
Bishop watched quite a few shows on Viceland; including one on the algae that collects on sloths and the potential medicinal implications.
Maceo performed Seussical with the school touring company in a neighboring town.
Between his performance with the touring company and the special Beauty and the Beast performances for schools Maceo helped bring theatre to 4000 students this week.
Bishop viewed Beauty and the Beast Jr.
Bishop went to art walk.  We visited numerous galleries, saw the Post-It note exhibit and saw a glass blowing demonstration.
I went on a walk with the extended family at the nature center.

Good week.  Good times!

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