Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Ten

March 5 - 11

Beauty and the Beast Jr. came to a bittersweet close with the final two shows happening on March 5.
Maceo immediately jumped into Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsals with a vengeance.  There is a lot of work to do before it opens on the 31st.  (15 hours)
Papa and Helen returned home.

  We were so grateful to have gotten to spend some time with them.  We spent their final day hanging out with them at another family members home.  We played bananagrams for quite some time than just had fun making words with the tiles.  For at least an hour Bishop spent time with the littles patiently helping them construct words with the tiles.  It was very sweet.

Birthday Buddies!!!!
I was looking at Audubon prints of birds and their nests and I stumbled upon these stunning photographs of birds nests.
Bishop made hamburgers with bacon jam and swiss cheese.  And he helped me make palmiers and brown sugar meringues.

Maceo had several touring company performances.
He played Horton one day.


After this production there was an anti-bullying presentation.
Another day Maceo was the Mayor of Whoville.  They performed for a church group.

And then for an elementary school.

Bishop had science group.  Afterwards, the group had lunch at the park.
Bishop had pottery lessons.

Maceo was fortunate enough to have a masterclass with the national touring company of Once.  They worked on vocals, read sides and had a talk back.
Bishop went to hang out with a friend.  They did some shopping at a resale store then had a four mile walk.
Maceo went to the gym and lifted weights.
Bishop looked through some books that I got him at the library - The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti and How to Draw Sci-Fie Utopian and Dystopian Characters.  He really liked the first one.  While he recognized the skill of the author he did not agree with his interpretation of utopia and dystopia.  We talked about it and nailed down definitions of utopia and dystopia.
Maceo went to preprofessional vocal production and music theory then had dinner with friends at Village Inn where the "beast" works.
Bishop made pork chops.
Bishop also made caramel and then cooked some apples in it to use as filling in my hand pies.
Bishop watched several shows on ViceLand, including Hate Thy Neighbor.
Maceo had vocal lessons.
We ended the week with cold weather moving in and nothing drawing us from our home  Maceo watched movies and Bishop played video games while I puttered around the house.
Not a bad way to end the week!

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