Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fete d'Anniversaire!!!


My sweet girl turned 27 a week ago.  She was at her home in L.A. for her actual birthday but given the fact that her visit was right on the heels of her birthday we wanted to throw her a birthday party here at home.  One of the events that we purposed to do while she was visiting was to view the new Beauty and the Beast movie together.  So, I decided to use Beauty and the Beast as the theme for her birthday party.  I didn't want the party to be childish or kitschy.  I wanted it to allude to the film while being elegant.  I think I accomplished that.  It was a beautiful birthday celebration!

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting topped with a dark chocolate ganache topped with dark chocolate, roses and brown sugar meringues.

A dessert buffet with a nod to Cogsworth and Lumiere.

The buffet included palmiers and gold chocolate covered strawberries.

Bishop made Vol au Vents with a chicken and white wine filling.

A nod to Mrs. Potts and Chip.

Champagne chilling on a bed of floral cubes waiting for a birthday toast.

Bon Anniversaire, Keegan!

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