Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Twenty-Two

June 11 - 17

Maceo had three performances of The Addams Family.
Bishop made hot links for Maceo.  I love how he can be relied upon to help family members out in this way.
Bishop also made chocolate chip cookies.  We only had one stick of butter so he searched for a recipe using only one stick.  They were good!
Bishop watched Cosmos.
Maceo had six hours of rehearsals for the troupe end of year show.
Bishop worked for Hue, his pottery instructor, than began his paid culinary internship.
Bishop went to StarLab for a bit of astronomy than we enjoyed some Freddy's frozen custard with our friends.

Bishop helped teach pottery to a new student.
Bishop had torch time at the glass studio.  He made twelve new beads.  He learned to remove them from the stick after the cooling period.

Maceo had dance lessons.
Bishop spent five hours at the pottery studio creating some really cool stuff.

Maceo attended a callbacks and cold readings masterclass with Chicago-based actor Jason Goff.
I went to a mini British street festival.

Bishop and I went to an arts festival and met several really cool and encouraging artists.

Afterwards we cooled off with some Sonic happy hour beverages.

It's summer and we're living the good life and learning a lot along the way!

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