Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Steps Towards Financial Fitness for the Past Week or Two

May 25 - June 6

Thursday:  We managed to get a payment off to our benefit plan - not cheap but will help us prepare for the future.
Herb made more creme brulee with what was on hand.  It seems like such a fancy, exotic dish but is really quite simple and really quite inexpensive, particularly if eggs remain so cheap.
I wasn't feeling well so I spent the majority of the day in bed.  I guess that is one way to save money - sleeping not spending.

Friday:  I made more progress on the flower bed that I have been working on.  I bought two items for it - one plant and some edging that was on clearance for three dollars.  Everything else that was used in the bed was free.  The bricks were previously used in my yard and were found next to the railroad tracks.  I planted some daffodils, irises, and sedum that were transplanted from other beds.  I planted pansies that were gifted to me by the boys.
I went to a local flower garden to take some photos.  The beds had just been weeded and several small plants that were in the walkway were given to me.
I made a necklace using one of Bishop's glass beads.  I purchased all of the findings at Hobby Lobby where they were on sale for 50% off.
Now that we know how to make the pendant necklaces we intend on selling them.
My sister and niece had dinner at the Panera down the block from where I live.  They invited me to join them.  I didn't eat dinner with them but I did use my rewards to get a free cookie to munch on while we visited.
I did the grocery shopping.  I bought quite a bit of meat for under $2 per pound.  I divided up the ground beef and the pork roast into meal-sized portions and put it in the freezer.  I also put the leftover beef stew in the freezer.  There was enough for two more meals.  Herb had made some more chicken broth and I got it into the freezer as well.

Saturday:  I got Herb up and out of the house for a nice walk by a lake.  It was beautiful and Herb appreciated it but he is so worn out now.
Herb made a simple but delicious pasta for our meals.  He used basil from the backyard.
I went back to Hobby Lobby and purchased more jewelry findings at 50% off.  I made more necklaces, a bookmark, and am contemplating making a bracelet from Bishop's glass beads.  I envision some of them being given as gifts and many of them for him to sell at craft shows next to his pottery; I mean, apart from the ones I am keeping for myself, of course.
I cut some thyme and sage to begin drying them.
Bishop went with a friend to see the musical Beehive.  HIs ticket was free and the company was fantastic.
I got some irises planted in the new flowerbed just before it began raining.
I ordered photos of Bishop's pottery for his artist notebook.  I used a coupon for 25% off and activated the swagbucks shop and earn.
We picked up a couple of used clothing items at a consignment shop.  We used a 20% off coupon and received a $10 off coupon to use in June.

Sunday:  I had a very busy day today and only spent $30 on some groceries.  I needed some fresh fruit and such for tomorrow's Memorial Day feast.
Herb made a pesto using some of the basil that I have growing in the backyard.
I got a lot of work done in the yard and I do mean A LOT.
I made significant progress reading some materials that I think I will be using next year for science group.
 It was a great day!

Monday:  Maceo began his job today.  It will be tremendously helpful for him to have earned some spending money.
Bishop and I went to a cemetery today to put flowers on the graves of soldier's.  An inexpensive tradition.
We made ribs that I got for under $2 per pound.  We served it with potato salad, grilled brussel sprouts and grilled pineapple.  It was an inexpensive but very delicious meal.
I did some yard work, including transplanting some delphiniums and wild flowers from the backyard into the new bed in the front yard.
I worked swagbucks today.  I left the video's running while I was preparing our special meal.

Tuesday:  I made a trip to Hobby Lobby in preparation of the upcoming baby shower.  I bought a really cute sparkly pink wood letter, the letter S just for little Susie, for wrapping the baby's gift   It was on sale at 50% off.  I paid $2.50 for it.  Otherwise, I will be wrapping the package in brown kraft paper and add a tag that I made a year ago.
While at Hobby Lobby I used a 40% off coupon for pink candy melts to make strawberries with.
Bishop put in five hours at the pottery studio, very productive.
I used leftover chicken breasts to make quesadillas and just worked around the house.

The next week:  Maceo worked again a couple of times and received his first paycheck.  Bishop also did a little work for his pottery instructor and got paid a little bit.
The chiropractor had a great deal, 2 services for $80, so I got Maceo a massage and scheduled him a chiropractic adjustment.
While he was getting his massage I sat in the massage chair and got a free little massage for myself.  They also give out snacks so we had a little treat.
I transplanted some items from the backyard to the front.
I bought a couple of plants on clearance, including a rose bush for $7.  I had been eyeing some roses online that were on clearance but were still about $25.  I resisted the temptation and ended up scoring a better deal.  Yay!
I needed some clothing items and had coupons at Koh's so I made those purchases.  I could have scored some better deals if I had been diligent and determined.  I failed in that regard but scored some great items and did alright with the deals.
I sorted through my homeschool supplies and picked a bunch to sell.  Now I need to register for the homeschool used curriculum sale!

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