Thursday, June 1, 2017

Another Month and More Successes

For the year 2017 I have committed to making monthly progress or trying something new in five areas:  culinary, skill development, art or craft, memory preservation and household.

I tried several new recipes this month.  I tried several new recipes for a baby shower that I am helping to host in June.  I made these pizza muffins and a sauce inspired by this recipe.  I also made these taco puffs and a version of this dip.  I started out making the dip as the recipe called for but tweaked it and must say that my version is better!
For Memorial Day I made brown sugar grilled pineapple (pictured below just behind the ribs that Bishop made!)...
...and grilled brussel sprouts.
I also made these patriotic cookies.  They were soooo yummy!

I made progress on a lot of projects around the house.  I made significant progress on several flower beds.  I completed a portion of one, it can be seen below in the new skills section.  I also cleaned out the homeschool resource closet.  I significantly pared down my resources and organized them, now I know what I have to use over the next couple of years.

I am pretty proud of myself as this is a project long in the making.  I learned how to build a retaining wall...
...then I cleared it (look at all that I took out of that area) and put in some flowers.

Also, I did a lot of research on mold remediation and will be making progress in the basement this next month.

 I am not making the kind of progress I would like to make in the area of organization, preservation and presentation of family memories but I did get my boxes of photos moved down to a more accessible location.  They are nicely displayed in the living room now.  Maybe I will now make some progress organizing, preserving and displaying the family memories.

I am pleased, however, with my progress in the art area.  I learned how to make some jewelry and a bookmark with the glass beads that Bishop has been making.

It's been a good month!

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