Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Intentions

The weather was just incredible today - a balmy 68 degrees. It felt like spring, it sounded like spring, and it smelled like spring. The snow and ice are mostly melted. It has me looking forward to what is to come. Spring. Easter. Flowers. Garden. Birthdays. My mind is swirling with thoughts and ideas regarding what needs to be done during this upcoming season and what I might like to do to make this season memorable. Some thoughts and ideas include...

*ordering my seed from Bakers Creek, starting those seeds immediately upon
arrival, and expanding my garden.
*creating a notebook with planting information and recipes for how to use and
preserve my spring and summer produce.
*celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday, just because it's fun to do. Maceo will be performing
at the library on this day.
*do my spring cleaning through the lenten season, clearing my house and my life
from clutter.
*celebrate Shrove Tuesday with pancakes, sausage, and stuffed strawberries or
a fruit salad.
*maybe make 'mardi gras' masks.
*go to Ash Wednesday service at church.
*set up an 'altar' at center of dining room table with a cross, crown of thorns, alms
box, and bowl with soil and votive candle.
*plant grass seed in that bowl of soil on Palm Sunday.
*make Stations of the Cross votives and do the stations with the boys.
*make 'crowns of thorns' with pretzel sticks and chocolate.
*celebrate Herb's birthday.
*celebrate Saint Patrick's day.
*celebrate Saint Joseph's day.
*mail birthday package to Keegan and Ian.
*have lenten teas.
*decorate front porch for spring.
*celebrate Christian's birthday.
*have a Messianic Passover dinner.
*continue work at food pantry.
*dye eggs.
*make resurrection eggs.
*play Exodus game.
*play Holy Week game.
*force forsythia.
*visit a nursery and buy Easter lilies or hellebores, the lenten rose.
*make resurrection cookies.
*make hot cross buns.
*read The Three Trees.
*hide the alleluia.
*recognize Rose Sunday.
*do readings on Good Friday as extinguish candles.
*silence at 3pm on Good Friday.
*pick out Easter outfits.
*celebrate Saint George's day.
*recognize Saint Mark's day.
*begin countdown to pentecost and celebrate pentecost.
*create lenten countdown calendar for kiddos.
*read scripture - lots of it.

I love this time of year - it seems so full of possibilities!

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