Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl XLV - Steelers vs. Packers. Go Steelers!!!

Well, for those of us cheering for the Steelers the superbowl proved to be a little less then super, but overall Superbowl Sunday was a blast. Initially, I had envisioned inviting Sarah and her family over for a little party. FYI: Sarah is a Packers fan and Herb is a Steelers fan. I opted not to issue invites after learning of the storm heading our direction. I wasn't sure that we would all be dug out of the snow in time to party. So our party was truly a little party; just the immediate family - Herb, Christian, Maceo, Bishop and myself. We had a nacho bar, relish tray and a superbowl cake. It is a family tradition that I buy a superbowl cake if a family member's team makes it to the big game.

It was a good time - good food and good company!

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