Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hollywood or Bust Update

The saga continues...
Yesterday Keegan and Ian had their electricity turned off. The apartments website said that all utilities were paid and, in all the conversations with management prior to the move and at the time of the lease signing, no one informed Keegan otherwise. Electricity had been on for the last month and a half and no bill was received but they were told that they were responsible for the power bill and would just have to go without until they could get it set up in their name. Presumably, it states that they are responsible for it in their 40 page lease agreement but had failed to notice it the day that they signed it. Hopefully, they will get it all set up on Monday and we will report the management company to the BBB for their false statement on their website. In the meantime, they have an adventure on their hands - life by candlelight. Also, the financial aid check has not come in. Money is low, food is low, and power is off. But, this too shall pass.
On a positive note - Ian has a job at a pizza joint! Yay!!!

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