Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Keegan!!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!
Or should I say,
"Happy Birthday lovely lady!"?
Because you have grown from this... this!
I perused your baby book last night and I was remembering you entering my life.
Like all events in life some of the details fade or get fuzzy but others are indelibly etched upon my memory.  I remember the moment my water broke and those just before and after.  I could even map the apartment we were living in and outline my movements during that time.  I clearly remember the moment of your grand entrance and the look of alarm on the midwives faces as they realized that you were in fact entering the world NOW.  I vividly remember your father carrying you to me, him holding you tenderly and just drinking you in with his eyes.

Here are some excerpts from your baby book...

When I found out that I was pregnant the doctors said that the date of your arrival was March 23; however, I felt that you would arrive earlier.  I was scared and very nervous about having another baby.  But, of course, there was much joy and happiness for I was carrying a special life in me - a life I would love dearly.

Our biggest hope for you is that you would come into this world happy and healthy!  We also hope that you will continue your life in this world just as happy and healthy!  We hope that you will always know just how special you are to us and that we love you very much!  We hope that you will find something you enjoy doing and be good at it – make yourself happy!  Most of all we hope that you will always be able to love God, yourself and others – it is important to love!

The most memorable moments of the pregnancy:  I had a feeling that I was pregnant so I took a home pregnancy test.  I waited anxiously for the results – it was positive!  I called your Daddy and told him the results and that I was going to the doctor to get it confirmed.  At the doctors I took a blood test; it seemed like forever as I waited for the results.  Then they told me that I was definitely pregnant.  Of course, there had been no doubts in my mind – I had known for a while that I was carrying a life inside of me, the great miracle of life!  When we went to the hospital for an ultrasound we got to see you move around, we got to see your face, and one time we caught you sucking your thumb!  It was so amazing, so exciting, just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes!!  There were other wonderful moments like feeling you move, hearing your heartbeat and hiccups.  The entire pregnancy was memorable and delightful – a special memory!!

On Monday March 19 at 5:00 pm my water broke while I was putting Christian to bed.  Within an hour or so I was in the hospital going through a preliminary examination.  They determined that my membrane definitely ruptured and they put me on a fetal monitor.  Your heart rate was good and strong and I was having slight contractions – “the uterus was irritable.”  Sometime in the middle of the night real contractions began.  I did time a few contractions at 2:32, 2:37, and 2:44 – they all lasted about one minute.  You were born at 7:39 am.  You were so beautiful and healthy.  Daddy immediately noticed your dimples (when you smiled at him) and your brown eyes.  I noticed your long fingers and toes and I fell in love with your beautiful dimples.  Christian laughed and said “baby” when he saw you.  Everyone thought you were beautiful, gorgeous.  In fact, at 2:30 a nurse brought you to me and said that you were beautiful and “did you see her dimples?”  Everyone noticed the dimples.  You were so alert – I have never seen a baby so aware.  You liked Christian; you smiled when he “stroked”/”petted” your head.

I love you sweet girl and I miss you.  It is difficult to have a piece of my heart so very far away.  But I am so proud of you, lovely lady.  You are an amazing young woman!
I hope that you have an amazing birthday!
I hope that you have an amazing life!
And, please know that it is my honor and privilege to be your mother.
I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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