Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lifestyle of Learning:Volume 6

Another great week, learning as life offers opportunities.
And there are so many opportunities.
There are always opportunities.
A look at March 3 - 9.
Playing -ectomy at the allergists.
Taking a walk.
Studying military history.
More in-depth research on weaponry.
Bishop's fun photography.
Bishop still examining the human body.
Bishop experimenting with the tin can telephone - what materials work best?
A field trip to a gymnastics center.
Having fun with friends.
And hamming it up for the camera.
A new and great opportunity...
...a robotics workshop.
Building a charging station and...
...a solar powered car.
Charge and go!
Bishop powered energy source.
Pulleys are cool.
Exploring international currency and...
international toys and games.
Exploring mutations and...
exploring cells, including the egg.
This really reinforced other explorations we recently did.

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