Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Intentions feels like spring today!
It looks like spring!
A warm breeze is blowing and the sun is shining with just the prettiest smattering of fluffy clouds in the sky.  The birds and squirrels seem giddy with excitement.  I think I even heard a tree frog croaking this morning.  I love it and I am hoping that all these signs of spring will infuse me with some energy.  In anticipation of that and in order to focus that energy I am making a list of things I intend to do between now and the end of spring.
*force forsythia
*harvest mulberries
*enjoy those mulberries
*make starter pots from newspapers
*start my seeds from Bakers Creek
*take flowers to Winnie
*celebrate Nanny's 90th birthday
*tell Ian Happy 22nd Birthday
*send Christian to Korea
*fill out March Madness brackets
*make a basketball cake
*make saurkraut
*pray the Stations of the Cross
*have a woodland dinner party for Keegan's birthday
*celebrate Saint Patrick's day
*wish Herb a Happy Birthday!
*do Lenten readings
*make a Jesus tree
*make pretzels
*recognize Passover
*make nests from newspaper
*play Exodus
*watch The Bible
*fix the garage door
*dye Easter eggs
*have hot cross buns for breakfast on Good Friday
*silence at 3pm on Good Friday
*paint the garage
*make a family altar
*make pretzel 'crown of thorns'
*have a Lenten tea on Good Friday
*have another Lenten tea on Holy Saturday
*make a cross for the front yard out of branches
*make the ladies happy by building a better chook house
*make a nest out of grape vines and moss
*take a nature walk
*make a basketball cake
*visit the xeriscape garden

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