Friday, March 22, 2013

More Thoughts on Education

In a previous post I expressed my educational philosophy and some questions that typically arise when pondering living out that philosophy.  What does this type of education look like?
What exactly is the parents role?
Without following a standardized scope and sequence how do you insure that there are no gaps in your children's knowledge acquisition?
These are questions that have been asked of me and that I have asked myself, revisiting them many times over.  In this post I would like to examine that first question - what does this type of education look like?
One day may look like listening to an audio dramatization of Les Miserable while driving to and from the food pantry where we work stocking food and serving patrons, spending four hours meeting and serving people of our community, dining out as a family with discussions of politics, current events and football flying over the table, spending the evening pursuing individual interests independently, and reading aloud from The Rangers Apprentice.
Another day may look like dropping Maceo off for two hours of choir and music theory, Bishop and I listening to a Spanish lesson while driving to a restaurant for breakfast together, reading about the Reformation while dining, going to a leather store and contemplating projects, going to pick up Maceo and visiting with friends for a while, Bishop watching ViHart and Vsauce while Maceo is researching different types of music, reading scripture while dining together at the family table, reading more of The Rangers Apprentice.
Yet another day may look like Bishop and I playing Deuce while waiting to be dismissed after getting his allergy shots, Bishop helping me run errands while Maceo is home creating characters and storylines for a comic book that he is collaborating with an artist on, Bishop watching the History channel, Maceo reading a logic book and discussing the exercises with me.
Another day might find Maceo researching films and their directors, discovering Hitchcock, watching Vertigo and finding a great deal to respect about the older films, and then writing a related review, and Bishop examining the construction of the ear, experimenting with sound and with the ideal construction of the "tin can" phone, going for a walk and creating in the kitchen, and Maceo and I identifying red herrings in news reports and in our discussions.
Or the day might look like me watching the NCAA men's basketball tournament, cleaning the house during commercial breaks while Maceo spends his time composing lists (lists of movies he wants to see this year, movies and actors he predicts will be nominated for Academy Awards next year, rankings of directors, and actors he would hire) and Bishop is periodically popping in with questions such as, :Do you know what the opposite of the seven deadly sins are?", followed by an exploration of those seven virtues, the Latin derivatives of those virtues and their counterparts, the correlating seven demons that rule levels of hell as expressed by Renaissance authors, and the definition of legion.
For us each day, month and year are different.
And there would be even greater variances between families.
This form of education will look different for each family and will look different for each individual within the family.  It will vary based on family culture, beliefs and values, individual personalities, interests, developmental stages and learning styles.  Familial relationships and situations and community resources will also impact the way that this form of education will present itself.
It is an adventure rich with possibilities!

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