Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lifestyle of Learning:Volume 8

Tidbits of learning for the week of March 17-23:
We checked in regularly on our eagles.  They have really grown.
They are exercising their wings and branching out.
They will be flying soon.
We will miss them when they leave.

Media is an essential part of our knowledge acquisition.
We try to routinely get out for walks.
The benefits are many - exercising our bodies, getting some Vitamin D, opportunities for great conversation, and staying attune to nature and all the delights that it has to offer.
Multitasking - lunch and reading and discussing...
...and building.
We kept up with NCAA basketball tournament scores while constructing fun math aids and while Bishop designed and began to implement a study related to the Stroop test.
A true education requires curiosity.
And, yes, even our cat is interested in learning more about the world around us!

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