Monday, May 27, 2013

And Now We Can Feast

 Although it is really important to me that my family recognizes the important meaning of the holiday that we are celebrating before getting on to the free-spirited festivities,
I must admit that a festive little breakfast treat did greet the kiddos this morning.
But, of course, a little sustenance was needed before heading out to the National Cemetery.
After we returned from our time of reflection at the National Cemetery Bishop got to the business of making some homemade ice cream.
After we got the ice cream churning and the drinks chilling
 we shucked the corn, made sure the chips and homemade salsa were ready, and prepared the options for the kebabs (Bishop made the marinades for the beef and chicken, the chicken marinade is his own secret recipe, yum!).
And when dinnertime was approaching Bishop manned the grill for me.
(I love Bishop's willingness to take over grilling duties when Dad is unavailable and I love his companionship in the kitchen!)
Then we got on with the feasting and the family fellowship!
Aaaahhhh, I love moments like these!
As for me and my family, it was a satisfying Memorial Day filled with recognition and respect and feasting and fellowship!
Happy Memorial Day to all
and thank you to all who have served
and have sacrificed -
my family is truly grateful!

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