Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pentecost: Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit, come in your power
Come inhabit our praise
Come now and reign in our lives.

Come Holy Spirit, come like the wind
Come be Lord of our hearts
Inhabit your church again.

Lyrics from "As Children" by Jeremy Riddle and our prayer for this day as we gather around the dinner table together to celebrate Pentecost.
For our celebratory feast I, for the most part, prepared what has become our traditional meal:
Flaming hot chicken wings,
Tongues of fire veggie tray,
Fruits of the Spirit salad,
and a dessert.
Now, this particular dessert is not necessarily traditional.  In fact, no particular dessert has become traditional.  I have been seeking the 'just right' option for our family.  Maybe that would be a different dessert each year.  I am uncertain, but I am certain that this years sweet offering was yummilicious and simple.  It is simply a purchased angel food cake frosted with cream cheese frosting on the sides and cool whip on top with flame-like strawberries topping it all off.  The combination of frosting and whipped cream came about because each of the younger boys wanted something different.  It turned out to be delicious, light, festive and enjoyed by all.  Maybe it is a keeper, I guess we will find out next year.  Also, I want to try making these cute little birds of bread next year.  I intended to make them this year but I was chatting with the hubby while preparing dinner and simply forgot.  Regardless, the day was perfect.

The Easter season has come to an end and now, according to the liturgical calendar, we are heading in to ordinary time.
And that is okay,  we embrace the ordinary around here!

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