Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lifestyle of Living Volumes 16 and 17: All Rolled Up Into One

The past two weeks ( May 12-May 25) have been gloriously fun and full.
It was weeks full of being tourists in our own town with a lengthy visit to Bass Pro.

And weeks of Boy Scouts in which Bishop completed his chess merit badge and received it at a Court of Honor.
And shopping for decorations for that Court of Honor that resulted in a bit of fun.
The weeks involved hanging out with the youth group discussing logical fallacies and examining atheism, watching the Star Trek movies, driving go-carts and playing miniature golf.
And they involved celebrating Pentecost
and enjoying the beauty of May
and the delights of the natural world.
The weeks included movies at the Moxie: The Sapphires and BlancaNieves.
And it included more movies; Maceo's are too numerous to mention and Bishop viewed Charlie Chaplin's Monsieur Verdoux which led to explorations in to currency conversion.
"50,000 francs is equivalent to how many U.S. dollars?"
and how much is the dollar worth in Bahrain?
It was weeks of endings
End of year choir concert.
and goodbyes
Maceo's choir director will not be returning next year.
and celebrations of friendships.
This led to...
These weeks offered up inspiration.  Bishop found inspiration in the show Face-Off which led to creating of new worlds and species
  which led to a commitment to do a sketch a day for a year

 which, of course, led us to the art store
and then to a lot of sketching.
These weeks involved literature; the completion of The Rangers Apprentice for Bishop and F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and even a bit of The Watchman for Maceo.
And a trip to the bookstore to get new reading material - the first Brotherband Chronicles book for Bishop and World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide for Maceo.

These weeks found us learning about muscles, making homemade salsa, and playing games.

The weeks offered us an opportunity to serve
Placing flags on the graves at our National Cemetery for Memorial Day.
and more celebrating of friendships,
including mustached friendships.

These weeks offered up days in the sun
and even more celebrations of friendship.
The Play and Sing His Praises end of year picnic.
These weeks involved podcasts (Maceo has listened to 122 hours of a particular film critiquing podcast over the last several months) and MythBusters and River Monsters and nature shows too numerous to name but the best being Discovery Channel's North America.
And walks, definitely walks.  Walks to the bakery, the grocery store, the art store and downtown

 for deliciousness
Nonna's - YUM!
and a stop at the square.

We end these weeks content.
Content with life's opportunities and fullness,
with its friendships and sunshine.
We end these weeks content with our adventures
and looking forward to those that are yet to come!

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