Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just a Wednesday

A glimpse in to a single day of our lives.
It begins with Mythbusters and
Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.
A discussion about God and the universe and
a walk to the bakery on the corner.
Some laughs, a little sustenance,
and the reading of a good book, The Rangers Apprentice.
Off to the art store across the street.  We need sketchbooks.
Bishop wants to do a sketch a day for a year.
I will join him in this endeavor.
While there get entranced by these
 and these.
We will have to try these out someday soon.
Bishop finds these irresistible and picks up a few.
Then home again, home again.
Totin' our purchases
any way he can.
Made it and look at the goodies...
I get to spiffying up the house and Bishop gets to exploring the pencils and the charcoal and such.
He takes a break for this
and then returns to sketching with his feet still in the water beads.
The other boy decides that he wants in on the bakery action so we pack up some things and head back down, why not?
Maceo reads the Watchman
and listens to a podcast,
while Bishop gets to drawing
and studying musculature
and drawing
and "how do I draw goat hooves?" research
and drawing.
The walk home
with a detour to the grocery store for Maceo.
Home and relaxation.
Deep cleaning the kitchen.
Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.
A new game for Bishop - Monster Hunter and
an audio book download for Maceo - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Unwind and read.
Pick up The Rangers Apprentice: The Emperor of Nihon Ja for the final time.
Read the final chapter and epilogue and say goodbye to characters that have been our companions for years (there are 10 books in this series with The Emperor of Nihon Ja being number 10).
Goodbye Will and Halt and Horace and Alyss and Evanlyn, we will always be fond of you.
Aaaaaahhhhhh...satisfaction with a day well lived.

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