Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Great Times

I have been having such a great time with the boys!
Today Bishop and I spent the day together.  We intended to go to the zoo but found that it was packed with school kids on their end-of-the-year field trips.  Being spoiled homeschoolers who are unused to sharing the zoo with others we opted to take our field trip elsewhere.  Instead we opted to pretend to be tourists at Bass Pro.
We spent four hours exploring this really cool place...
and all of its creatures - both taxidermied and living.
We saw a diver cleaning the really huge fish tanks and another hand feeding the fish.
And we discovered that they have a really cool museum devoted to archery.
 Together we had a surprisingly great time!
Last night I had a great time with Maceo.  He and I went to see this movie at our independent theater.

This was such a delightful movie.  Yes, I laughed and I cried.  It is based on a true story and tells the tale of four aboriginal cousins who form a singing group and tour Vietnam entertaining the American troops.  The music was fun and beautiful and there were many witty lines that created laugh-out-loud moments.  But there was so much more then that; the music and the wit were set against the backdrop of a racially charged Australia and the drama of the Vietnam war.  I must admit that I am rather ignorant of the history of Australia and this movie provided an introductory lesson on a piece of its history.  I learned that the Aboriginal peoples did not have the right to vote until a referendum in 1967.  In the early 1900's the Aborigines were actually classified as "flora and fauna", they were made to live on reservations and the government would routinely remove children who appeared white from their families and place them in institutions or with foster families.    This movie educated me without lecturing me and is, in the end, a triumph.
I so recommend this movie!
I also recommend checking out Bass Pro if you are ever in our neck of the woods!

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