Sunday, November 6, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Twenty-Four

The purpose of education is to have an interesting life.  Now.
The purpose of education is to have "the adventures and deep intellectual experiences, to exercise their curiosity and make connections, now, as they go through that education.
-Maria Droujkova

November 1 - 6

The weather has been wonderful and Herb and I took advantage of it by going for a walk at the nature center and a little dining al fresco.

A type of oak leaf...but what type?!?

Inspirational photography inside of the center.

Beauty berries greeting me as I exited the center.  Ahhh!

Pomme frites and aioli - yum!
We finished up our exploration of Venus in science group.    We finished our conversation on the effects of the thick atmosphere on Venus, we created a timeline of exploration of Venus, and looked at a Mariner simulation created by one of our students.
We also explored radar, what it is and how it was used to map the surface of Venus.  We did a version of this radar simulation.  We loved this activity and plan on doing it again after we tweak it just a bit more.

Maceo didn't have vocal lessons but he did have ppt vocal production, ppt acting, improv, troupe,  teen players and assistant directing A Christmas Story.
He also watched a performance of Of Mice and Men with his acting troupe and afterwards they did some improv for the audience (you know they needed something to lift their spirits after that show).  They enjoyed some gelato  together along with some of the cast of Of Mice and Men who gave a bit of a talk back.  Maceo and his youth performance troupe performed at a benefit to support A Sporting Chance.  It was difficult to get great photos as they were facing away from me, singing over a balcony.  As usual, they were wonderful.  The patrons enjoyed it immensely.

There might have been some dancing!

Yup, dancing!!!

The guy in the middle is one of the troupe's biggest fans and the dancing guy from above.
Bishop attended the event as well.  There was a chef present who had plates of tasty items for sale.  Bishop's favorite was the pork and apples and mine was the goat cheese polenta.  Definitely food for thought.
Bishop also took note of the pottery that was on display in the gallery.

Bishop helped with yet another Eagle Scout project  (6 hours).  He has so much fun with these guys and is acquiring or reinforcing skills.  Love it!

Bishop has done some cooking (love it!!!).  Yesterday it was bbq'd hot link grilled cheese sandwiches (super yum!!!).  Maceo and I had an amazing three hour long conversation about Of Mice and Men, about the difference between having a creative mind and being creatively driven, and about all of his research and goals.
Presently, Maceo is on set acting in a short film and Bishop is playing Fallout.

Always living and learning - it's a good life!

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