Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Twenty-Seven

November 20 - 27

We recognized Stir Up Sunday by stirring up some hot chocolate mix, spiced tea mix and sugar cookie dough.
We watched closely our favorite football teams and our fantasy football teams.
Maceo had voice lessons.
Maceo attended preprofessional acting class.
Bishop went to his internship with a caterer/baker.  Among other things, he made compound butters and a filling for a German Chocolate Cake.
Bishop went to scouts where some basic organization of the scout closet and the next service project took place.  

The scouts also served the American Heritage Girls their snacks as a reward for having packed more OCC shoeboxes.  It was a friendly challenge that resulted in a total of 179 boxes being given to our charter church.

Maceo worked on A Christmas Story as an assistant director (3 hours)
Bishop and I had a great conversation that is hard to describe succinctly here as it covered a lot of territory but, among other things, we talked about the marginalization of other people; how the media covers or doesn't cover events both national and international and how that impacts the consciousness of the American people and how it molds the narratives, those things we spend the most time talking about; Russia's involvement in events in the Middle East presently; apartheid and the history of racism in South Africa and Australia.
Maceo attended troupe and teen players than had 2 1/2 hours of additional rehearsal in preparation for the upcoming holiday show.
Bishop went to a second day of internship.  He assembled and decorated a cake that will be donated, alongside a pie of made by the baker, to a charity.
Maceo took portions of a sample GED test learning his weaknesses and strengths.
Bishop spent the night with some friends and played some video games.
Maceo and Bishop researched vegetables and their vitamin content then walked to the store to buy some kale and such.
Bishop made a fabulous spicy spaghetti.
Maceo has been exercising in his room; I can hear the jumping jacks.
Of course we celebrated Thanksgiving.

We watched the parade and football.
Bishop prepared his Apple Hours for our Thanksgiving meal.

Maceo experienced Black Friday (actually Thanksgiving evening) with a friend.
Maceo watched Fantastic Beasts.
We learned that Fidel Castro died and took note of worldwide responses.
Bishop has been thinking and researching and thinking and developing and thinking about designing a game.
Maceo went to see the movie Moonlight.
Maceo began tech week as assistant director of A Christmas Story.

Still living and learning and loving it all!

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