Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve and So Thankful to be Ready to Go!

Our family loves Thanksgiving.
We find it to be restorative which is so welcome as it also marks the beginning of the rather full holiday season.
This holiday is full of fellowship, food, fun and football.
Of course, for the day itself to be relaxed there must be some preparation, some work done in advance.  I do my best to spread that work out over days.  I have already shared with you the decorations on the front porch.  I have also piddled around the house a bit putting up some decorations here and there, doing some early preparation of food and setting out some of the needed serving dishes.
A wonderful wheat piece made by a Scandinavian woman from church.

Thankful banner that I made several years ago.

Paper roses dipped in beeswax.

Jewelry bits.

Vintage pieces.

And flowers.

Martinmas lanterns with vintage bits.

The menus are on display.

The drink stations are ready to go.

The dessert buffet, replete with homemade pumpkin pies, is also ready to go.  The soup tureen was my paternal grandmothers and looks perfect filled with hydrangeas.

These leaves were sealed with polyurethane years ago by an older woman at church and she gifted them to me.
And now I go to bed thankful that everything is ready to go knowing that this preparation will allow all of us to really enjoy a peaceful, restful Thanksgiving day!

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