Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Twenty-Five

November 7 - 12

Maceo's vocal lessons were cancelled for the second week in a row but it is really alright.  Regardless, he continues to progress vocally.
So, Maceo was cast in a student film and they did the filming on Sunday.  Now he has been cast in a college students film.  I am not sure when that will be filmed but that is a new development.
Also, we know a college student who has written a short film.  Filming for it might take place on Sunday and Maceo has been invited to shadow the filming of it.

Maceo is shadowing the director of A Christmas Story and they have had several rehearsals.
Bishop went to a friends house.  He and Carlos listened to music and skateboarded to Taco Bell for a little dinner.  
In order to hang out with Carlos Bishop opted not to go to scouts but I went to scouts and helped finish up the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Yay!

Maceo had all four of his wisdom teeth removed.  Ouch!  He has handled it quite well.
Bishop and I had more amazing conversation.  Conversation with him is very challenging, he is quite the deep thinker and I embrace the challenge.  Love it!!!

Maceo has been reading True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor by David Mamet
I voted.  It has been a difficult election to follow for many reasons so we didn't watch the results come in via television.  We didn't want to hear the commentary and Maceo was recovering from teeth removal anyway.  We did track the results via the internet with maps that were updating live.
After I went to my bedroom Maceo did watch some politically related television.

Bishop and I then Maceo and I did have some conversation regarding the results today.  My husband and I are unified in our perspective regarding the election; however, our children do have their own opinions.  It is challenging - we really have to work to HEAR each other.  It is good for all of us as we really have to think about what we believe and how best to articulate it so that it can be heard and we have to work on hearing.
Maceo has been binge watching the British television sitcom series 'Chewing Gum' and the American sitcom 'New Girl'

Bishop and I had a conversation regarding how oftentimes people assume that people viewing art are actively engaged and thinking deep thoughts yet assume that those viewing media, such as television or videos on the internet, are passive in their thinking.  We challenged this line of thinking by noting how Maceo consistently watches shows while noting the writers and actors choices and is mulling around the idea of writing his own comedy sketches and sitcom.  Bishop then shared with me some of what goes through his mind while he is watching shows - "what are the characters doing?  what should they have done?  what would a character from another show if inserted into this scenario?  what would a character that I created do if inserted into this show?"  Wow, I may think of the first two things but never have I thought of the last two.  I love how his brain works!
We put out the Martinmas lanterns although I have to admit that we didn't celebrate it or Veteran's Day in any other way.

Bishop helped me make several meals to put in our freezer and some to give to a pregnant family member.  We have made french onion soup, broccoli cheddar soup, chili, bacon ranch chicken, ritzy chicken and snickerdoodle dough.  We have some other dishes in mind to finish up over the next couple of days.
Bishop and I went to a Diwali festival. We experienced a buffet with a lot of amazing Indian food, traditional and contemporary Indian music, belly dancing, and the best conversation.
Bishop is an amazing conversationalist.  His breadth of knowledge is truly astounding.

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