Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Twenty-Six

November 13 - 19

Troop 5's OCC shoeboxes were dedicated at the church that holds our troops charter - 79 boxes in all!

Maceo was cast in a university student's film.  He spent three hours on set filming.
Bishop created a new dessert involving phyllo dough, apples, whipped cream and root beer extract.  I can't tell you more than that - chef's secret, you know?
Maceo's jaw is still hurting from having his wisdom teeth removed so he didn't do his vocal lessons.
Maceo attended pre-professional acting class and improv.
Maceo returned to his assistant director role for the production of A Christmas Story. (8 hours)

Apple Hours.

Donations for the homeless.

Bishop assembled a large tray of his created desserts for the Boy Scout Court of Honor.  They were REALLY spectacular and a good time was had by all.
Bishop called the color guard.
We are starting a new adventure of sorts.  Maceo wanted to dee the doctor about the possibility of having ADHD.  He easily would have been diagnosed as such as a child and probably would have needed to if he had been in a different schooling situation.  I resisted it when he was younger but now it is something he wants so we went and he was, in fact, diagnosed.  He has been prescribed medication.  Let's see if it helps him achieve his goals!
Maceo attended youth performance troupe and teen players.
We took a look at the supermoon - the closest and brightest moon since 1948 and it won't be this close to the Earth again until 2034.

Bishop has been reading up on Edwin Hubble.
During science group each of the kiddos gave a presentation on astronomy-related folks.  Bishop spoke about Edwin Hubble who happens to be from a neighboring town.

Bishop and the other members of the science group had lunch at a park and the kiddos, yup even the big ones, played on the playground equipment.
Bishop went to pottery instruction.
Bishop taught me about Eritrea and its human right violations.
Maceo attended pre-professional music theory and vocal production.
Maceo went to a high school production of Urinetown.
Maceo attended a masterclass conducted by Michael Spyres and Erica Spyres.  Six of the students got to work directly with the instructors and Maceo was one of them.
Maceo went to a high school production of Seussical.
Maceo had friends over for the evening; their intent was to work on their comedy sketches.
Bishop went to a friends birthday sleepover and, among other things, he played the card game Superfight, a game of absurd arguments.
Maceo went to a high school production of Big Fish.
Maceo went to a friends birthday dinner at Kai, a really nice Japanese restaurant.

We sure are enjoying life!

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