Monday, February 27, 2017

Another Month and More Success

Another month of this new year is coming to a close and it is time for me to report on my progress with my monthly goals.

I love to try new recipes when there are special events and there were definitely special events this month.  For the Super Bowl I made these Homemade Oreos - Football Style.  I did have to tweak the recipe just a bit as the dough was too sticky to mold or roll out on its own.  I rolled the dough out using cocoa powder instead of flour and the used a football-shaped cookie cutter.  They were a HUGE hit!!!  There have already been requests for me to make more!

For Valentine's I made these Triple Chocolate Mini Cheesecakes and Mini Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecakes.  I hadn't made a true cheesecake in over twenty years and I had never made any flavored ones.  The chocolate ones were extremely popular and the family is begging for more.  I shall oblige!

I have long been interested in making my own bread.  I have dabbled in it just a bit but have not perfected it and have not made it with any consistency.  This month I opted to try my hand at bread making again and this time I chose to make hamburger buns for the Super Bowl.  They were easy and yummy and I will definitely make them again.

I learned how to fold napkins to look like a rose.  I will be using this next month for a special party tablescape!

My home-related project for the month was to rearrange the master bedroom, caulk the windows and put up new curtains.  I am making progress.

To meet my goal of doing at least one project per month related to the organization, preservation or presentation of family memories I assembled this shadow box full of my 80's high school memorabilia.  Yes, I saw The Kinks in concert!

And, finally, my art project for the month would be a Christmas assemblage.  Serendipitously, I saw some similar things on pinterest while I was sorting through all of my Christmas stuff.  I found the Santa planter in a Christmas box.  It was broken so I felt A-OK using it for a project such as this.  Isn't it sweet?

Setting this simple goal really does seem to be helping focus.
I am pleased with these simple successes.

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